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Seller Service

If you are thinking about selling or merging your company with a stronger player, Franklin Hamilton offers a free valuation interview.  During the interview, Franklin Hamilton will give you an estimate of what your company will sell for and explain the payment structure a typical buyer in your sector will use in today’s market. 

Upon becoming a client by retaining Franklin Hamilton as your financial advisor, Franklin Hamilton will quickly begin introducing qualified potential buyers to you.  In addition, Franklin Hamilton will assist you in preparing the Executive Summary, which is an important selling document.   

Once an offer is secured, Franklin Hamilton offers project management services as our transaction coordinators will help monitor your transactions until a successful close is achieved.  

Buyer Service

If you are searching for companies to acquire, Franklin Hamilton can save you huge expenses in searching costs while introducing more sellers to you.  Your search progress can improve immediately by allowing Franklin Hamilton to introduce you to their existing seller clients who fit your acquisition requirements. 

Franklin Hamilton can introduce you to many private companies and “silent” sellers who prefer strict confidentiality and conducting unpublicized deals.

In addition, Franklin Hamilton can assist in your acquisition search and strategic planning. By leveraging Franklin Hamilton marketing efforts, you can enjoy the benefit of reviewing multiple target companies with your search sector.  

Acquisition Financing and Raising Capital Service

Franklin Hamilton can help you with acquisition financing or raising capital through our relationship with private equity, LBO, venture capital, corporate investors and mezzanine debt investors.