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How to find more quality companies

Reduce search costs and improve results 

Use a systematic search program


























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How to find more quality companies to purchase

Acquisition possibilities can pop up without warning and usually need to be evaluated quickly.  A core challenge in sizing up potential acquisitions is to balance the need to think strategically with the need to react opportunistically.  Experienced acquirers follow two simple rules in screening deals.  Look at everything and keep a strategic focus.  This exercise brings discipline and speed into the acquisition processes which ultimately leads to success in a fiercely competitive field.  Being in a position to purchase the right company when the opportunity presents itself is important.  Working with an intermediary who is actively searching for companies matching your purchase criteria can help you identify more qualified sellers quickly.  An M&A advisory firm who represents the marketplace in your industry will introduce you to more qualified sellers and avoid missed opportunities.  While there are plenty of businesses for sale, good deals are identified by industry M&A professionals first and acted on immediately.  Working with Franklin Hamilton allows you to be first to review companies when those rare opportunity arises.  Working with qualified sellers saves you time, helps you avoid missed opportunities and contributes to a winning M&A growth strategy.

Why you shouldn't miss the hidden market of "Silent" Sellers

Franklin Hamilton's research shows 20% of business owners are "silent seller" in the technology, printing, and advertising industry.   The definition of a "silent seller" is a seller who is willing to consider any reasonable offer, but is reluctant to market their companies openly.  While Franklin Hamilton aggressively promotes their active clients, Franklin Hamilton works with many more sellers who prefer a quiet sale under the strictest confidentiality.  The advantage of working with "silent sellers" are many.  First, your market place of quality companies is greatly expanded because you are not limited to the current sellers on the market.  Also less competition will result in both a better deal and a greater chance of a success.   

Buyer's Search Challenges

Searching for a quality company to purchase has never been an easy task. Companies without a corporate development team may see this as an impossible job to do alone.  Those that do have M&A departments run into the following obstacles:  

  • Overwhelmed with unqualified deals.

  • Intermediary seek to sell only their client companies instead of searching for best matches for your company

  • Heavy workload from initial searches leaves no time to find and evaluate concurrent opportunities

  • Difficult to commit and allocate hundreds of hours to contact and follow up on potential target sellers directly

  • Potential target companies you have identified changes their selling decision at the last minute when you have already invested a great amount of time and money into the transaction 

  • Industry standard SIC Codes are too broad to narrow your search to specific target companies that best meet your requirement

Franklin Hamilton's core services eliminates the search obstacles for the buyer.  Having identified the active participants in the marketplace, Franklin Hamilton can supplement your existing M&A team or function as your M&A arm companies without an existing team.