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Employment at Franklin Hamilton

The most challenging work in the world is to create, maintain and grow a business.  Only the most capable, hardworking and dedicated people in our society  accepts the challenge and risk that comes along with running a company.  These people have dedicated their lives to creating jobs, making social contributions and creating value that  improves the society or human condition.  

They have accepted the challenge of fierce competition and constantly changing business landscape. And they have answered with innovation and the creativity necessary to earn a profit. It is the CEO's, Senior Executives, and Owners of these companies who are the clients of Franklin Hamilton and we are fortunate enough to serve them. 

Mergers & Acquisitions is a rewarding and lucrative field because of the caliber of people who oversee the business operations and manage the Mergers & Acquisition transaction.  Franklin Hamilton's hiring practice centers around identifying individuals who possess the same leadership qualities found among our clients.  

  • intelligence

  • dedication

  • risk tolerance                  

  • humility

Individuals who are entrepreneurial and highly driven, who possess a warm personality and relationship building skills, and who are demanding of themselves and equally motivated by high rewards, are encouraged to submit their resume to