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Merger: Strategy for middle market companies



















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Merger strategy for middle market companies to reach the next level

If you are like most middle market companies, you have worked diligently to become a respectable organization. Through your efforts, you now have loyal customers who rely on your products and services, created rewarding careers for many people and made contributions to the community. On the other hand, you now have more employees, more responsibilities, and other burdens offsetting the growth that you desire. Whether you are looking to build a stronger marketing and sales force or enhance resource in other areas, access to capital is preventing you from growing to the next level. Your yearly capital expenditures are too high, or you bear some other financial burden, you find your company in the position of needing more capital than you can currently obtain.

The burden of competing and maintaining the growth of a company is something few understand unless it actually rests on their shoulders. How do you insure that everything you have worked for does not go to waste? Or how can you provide the capital necessary to finally reap the rewards from the business you developed? We, at Franklin Hamilton, understand these burdens and specialize in helping middle market companies reach the next level of growth through merger. Selling or merging with a strong company who has capital and complementary resources may be the best option for growth. The right partner can infuse your company with ability to accelerate the growth and profitability of your business. 

Franklin Hamilton helps middle market companies through their difficulties. By having built relationships with many strategic buyers, whether private or public, domestic or foreign, we are able to bring multiple buyers for our clients. We provide you with our collective research and marketing efforts in identifying the right buyer for your company. 

Our M&A experts designs a unique strategy that will allow you to confidentially obtain an aggressive market price for your company on the terms you want. We aim to preserve and enhance your devoted efforts and achievements. So that instead of being acquired by the wrong company, you can rely on our reliable and systematic approach to find the best possible match for your company.