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How to sell your company fast

Challenge facing middle market companies

Why you need multiple buyers






















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How to sell your company fast for top dollar

Selling a company fast for top dollar starts at the inception of your business. Do you have a desirable business because it was developed applying sound business and management principles?  A desirable business with solid fundamentals creates competition which drives up the company value. It helps the intermediary attract many more qualified buyers faster. Operating a thriving business is the key to selling a company fast for top dollar. Next in importance is using an intermediary who identifies and monitors the majority of buyers and sellers in your industry. They represent the marketplace where transactions occur for your company and companies like yours in the same industry. Franklin Hamilton gives you access to marketplace of buyers in your industry.

Finding the right buyer

Many sellers agree the most difficult job in selling a company is to identify a ready, willing and able buyer who will offer a price that reflects the real value of the company.  Our focus remains on the most critical component of the sale, finding the right buyer.  We continually update and keep information about buyers current.  When our acquisition criteria of buyer match our sellers company we will contact each party and schedule an introduction.

The groundwork been done for you

Franklin Hamilton is a very proactive company and in the majority of cases it is Franklin Hamilton who initiates the contact between both buyer and seller.  The reason we have contacted you is because we have already identified one or more buyers interested in purchasing a company like yours. This approach offers three major advantages for you. First, the long process of finding a buyer is reduced. This helps you reduce risks and disruptions to your business that can occur with a lengthy marketing process. Next, you will quickly gain a sense of the market conditions to help you determine if it is the right time to sell. It is important to know whether or not adequate demand exists to secure a favorable offer and to make adjustments to your marketing plan to attract the right buyer. Finally, greater confidentiality is maintained by eliminating random exposure that would be necessary through traditional blanket marketing.

The importance of confidentiality

News of selling can be disruptive to a business and therefore it is of paramount importance to Franklin Hamilton to protect the sellers' confidentiality. To ensure confidentiality, we adhere to the following guidelines:  Buyers are not given the name of the Seller's Company without the approval of the Seller, Buyers sign confidentiality agreements prohibiting discussion to outside parties, Sellers can identify companies to be excluded from the discussion of sale.