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How to sell your company fast

Challenge facing middle market companies

Why you need multiple buyers















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Why you need multiple buyers

While it only takes only one buyer to purchase a company, on average five to seven qualified buyers are needed before the right buyer is found.  To identify qualified buyers, window shoppers and bottom fishers with unrealistic acquisition criteria must be weeded out.  This saves time and increases the likelihood of a successful sale or merger.  Franklin Hamilton can bring you enough qualified buyers to find the right one from the shortest list. The majority of buyers and sellers within your industry have been identified through our search process so that a qualified candidate will not be missed.  Additionally, the relationships we have established with prospective companies gives us better information to screen the candidates and match the right companies. 

Within each industry, buyers can be categorized into public, private and foreign buyers.  Of the three type of companies, private buyers are the most difficult to identify due to the limited available information.  Private buyers however represent a greater piece of the market than public companies.  Despite the deficient accessibility of information,  Franklin Hamilton's research process has overcome this barrier and provides you easy access to a huge private buyer market. 

Under current market conditions, public company stock prices have fallen dramatically and many have held back on acquisitions during this time.  Nevertheless, due to Franklin Hamilton's aggressive marketing, we can introduce you to multiple buyers who are pre-qualified and motivated.  Franklin Hamilton's ability to create demand for your company will help drive the value of your company in a positive direction.